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Amitiel the Angel of Truth by Indigo-Eagle Amitiel the Angel of Truth by Indigo-Eagle
Name: Amitiel

Pronunciation: Ah-mee-tee-ahl

Title: [Former] Archangel of Truth

Age: Timeless; Appearance of 25

Gender: Female

Species: Angel

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Mate: [None]

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Roughly 140lbs

Skin Tone: Creamy pale

Hair Color: Vibrant Rosewood, length to her mid-back

Eye Color(s): Faded Blue-Grey

Tattoo(s): None

Scar(s):. Very faint burn scars cover her body giving a slight shimmer to her skin

Appendages: Dappled smoke grey feathered wings and a ghostly white Halo

Strength: Supernatural Power

Agility: Supernatural Agility

Skill(s): Perceiving/Understanding the truth, manipulation, singing

Pastime(s): Flying, Intervening on the lives of humans, Reading, Researching History

Strength(s): Supernatural Strength and Senses, Immortality, Ability to Overcome

Weakness(es): Sensitive skin, Fear of Fire, Distrust of others, Undying Faith

Intelligence: Immortal being with Ancient Wisdoms

Language(s): Angelish, English, Most earthen languages

Temperament: Amitiel is a cynic by her nature, and it shows with the manner she handles annoyances to infuriating situations. She assumes a cool and collected demeanor, but her temper can rocket out of control quickly if someone takes a stab at the wrong button.

Speaking Habit(s): Clear English with enunciation on each letter

Personality Traits: An Angel without a true home, she abandoned her duty as an archangel in response to the tortures they so inflicted upon her. Amitiel is no weak-willed creature, she’s stubborn, hot-headed, and hard to impress. Her birth was long before that of Hell’s creation, for she was a strong warrior in the midst of the Fall. Originally a kind-hearted woman, the wrath of Heaven has long hardened her soul, the unforgiving coldness of her grey eyes noticeable to anyone who speaks to her.

She is closed off to most, preferring the privacy of her solitary lifestyle. Without a mate and only bothered by fling lovers, she’s less inclined to be-friend others. Her world is closed off to most, but she can open up to you; it just requires a great deal of trust. Cherishing no memories of her life as a human, she perceives them to be lesser beings, and won’t hesitate to hide her distaste for them. Prideful, but not overtly arrogant, her thoughts are kept to herself.

She is incredibly observant of humans, curious about their simpler lives. Watching from the best seat in the house, Amitiel blends herself in to live amongst humans, even at an ‘aristocratic’ woman. Accumulating wealth over hundreds of centuries, she creates for herself lavish nests in penthouse suites, manors and villas, only to claim as her home for less than a decade. As she stepped away from her assigned duties, she fell out of favor with most Angels, forcing her to live a life of flexibility.

Constantly on the move, she travels the earth on the search for her sister, the one who burned while she rose from the ashes. With a faith unchanging for thousands of years, she never stopped believing that her sister did survive and is lost, or in hiding somewhere. Her determination to find her is unwavering.

The harsher exterior she bears, belied by her angelic appearance, can still fade to her deepest nature she harbors. Born as the Angel of truth, you can count that though she is manipulative, everything she says is always genuine. Her word is her respect, and she would never jeopardize that, with anyone.

Flirtatious, saucy, bold and defiant, Amitiel is concerned with only one being in the world; herself. Not to say she is a cruelly selfish woman, but just that her first priority is to her own life, as it has been for eons. The kinder and gentler side of her can be unearthed, taking a great deal of effort to dig past the years of trauma, abuse and suffering. She is an immortal with a history like no other, and a future she wouldn’t dare to dream of.

Sexual Traits: Confined to Earth and barred from both immortal worlds, she like any other does enjoy the physical pleasures of the world. Aware of her beauty, Amitiel wastes no time acquiring a lover if she desires one. However, imitating the lifestyle of a succubus, most of her partners lose their lives when she’s had her fill. The few that she grew attached to walked away with their lives, but not with memories of her. Having a taste of everything, her preferences aren’t so limiting, but she chooses her partners with great care.

Supernatural Abilities: Blessed with all the qualities of an Angel, Amitiel exercises all of her abilities unabashedly. Her appearance belies the strength she holds, every physical fitness aspect heightened beyond super humans or earth creatures. Wings give her the gift of life, crafted out of pure spiritual energy; she can alter her appearance at whim, though she does prefer to hold her true design over most, keeping her wings present even under her clothing. She holds an influence over the human mind, able to distort her appearance in their eyes; however this does not translate to an ability to “glamour” other supernatural creatures. Her influence is much weaker over other supernatural beings, able to keep up only temporary shields at best.

If attacked by another, she will heal rapidly, wounds closing up just hours after infliction. Silver blood runs through her veins, carrying the gift of energy and life, able to heal even the gravest of wounds of other creatures. Only able to be slain by a weapon forged in the immortal lands by other Angels, earthen ‘deaths’ will only stun her for a time. She can survive drowning, shootings, stabbings and other things that would end most, it does weaken her seriously, and certain attacks harder to recover from than others. Amitiel is no less than what she claims; a superior Angelic being.

Miscellaneous Information: Bullet Character Points

· Amitiel smokes even though it does not deteriorate her lungs. She grew accustomed to it as it rose in popularity with humans, not dropping the habit when its rapid decline in pop culture surfaced.

· She is incredibly comfortable with her body, and indifferent to the nudity of others.

· Her fashion taste is a collection of popular styles from across human history. Preferring the classier take on most clothing, she wears things eras old, unafraid of other’s perception of her for them.

· Enjoying the brief energy surge from a human’s life, she occasionally will use their blood for sustenance. This means, she will not hesitate to slay a human for their blood if she craves it.

· Though she can survive off of very little nourishment and human’s energy, she does eat human food for the pleasure of it. Indulging in cuisines from all across the world, she has a wide palate. Her most favored foods tend to be aristocratic delicacies, like; calamari, veal, pheasant, quail and the like.

· She does drink, usually choosing between liquors or fine wines. Her current nest is a penthouse at the top of a skyscraper apartment building. Keeping a small collection of wines, dating back decades, she shares them with those she feels will truly appreciate their quality.

· Able to use her flight as transportation most of the time, she will however take a rest and use her car. A sports car appreciator, she drives a jet black Ferrari, racing the car whenever she gets the chance. Nothing is more exhilarating than the adrenaline rush of supreme speed, in the air or on the road.

· Amitiel has a knack for seeing through the lies of others, but rarely confronts them for what she sees.

· As an Angel, she is blessed with the natural affinity for music, but limits her knowledge to singing and singing alone. Her voice is heavenly, even after the years spent on Earth. Singing used to be such an important part of her life, the duets between her and her sister famed in Heaven’s Court. However, she subconsciously chooses to silence herself now, keeping the joy of music sacred for her sister and her sister alone.

· Color wise, she prefers dark wintry colors to the pastels and bright shades of summer and spring. Dark purples, blues, greys, reds and teals all make up her wardrobe, a silent jab at the “purer” colors found in heaven’s land.

· Amitiel’s hair is naturally the vibrant red, her sisters was a contrasting dark brown, the two different from one another but having over all similarities.

· She does like the company of animals, the simple things not earning her ire like that of humans. If she were to ever have an animal companion, it would most likely be a Raven, the large blackbird’s beauty one she appreciates greatly. Humans have identified the bird with death, giving them a negative view in our eyes, or a solemn reverence. With such identification, Amitiel sympathizes with the great bird, her respect for other flying creatures running deep.

Historical Information: Amitiel began as an Archangel under god, with a twin sister who has been written out of history. A popular pair in Heaven, Amitiel as the Angel of Truth, and her sister as the Angel of Peace was once two beings with total respect for the hierarchy of Heaven. As expected, during the Fall they fought against Lucifer, defending their homeland. Stricken by the actions of the other Angels, their bond only tightened, even after the nation of Hell rose to rival Heaven. Trouble would remain out of their lives until the dawn of humanity, which proved to be the end.

Amitiel and her sister opposed the existence of man, figuring them to be lesser beings unworthy of the Angels attention. Enraged by their resistance, God ordered the Archangels to punish them for their disloyalty, a punishment far crueler than ever thought. They were dragged from their home and thrown before court, wings torn from their bodies. Riddled in pain, they hugged one another, waiting to be excused after assuming the end with their wings. However He was so moved against them, that they were chained to the ground and burned alive, seared by the fires of Heaven; a fate that would end their lives.

As flames licked up their bloodied skin, scorching everything it touched, the twins made a pact to never part from one another, even as they were destroyed. Except, it was not their true destruction, but a rebirth, and Amitiel was cast down to Earth as a human to live out a life through the creatures she so detested. Her sister vanished completely, never rising as a human. Assuming her dead, Amitiel mourned the loss, and soon a deep hatred of Heaven grew within her, a hatred for what they had done.

Forced to live out the life of a human, her demeanor did soften more than she liked to the creatures, but she still resented their existence, blaming them for her sister’s death. Without an abilities as a human, Amitiel lived her life, without love or children, dying just as another would then. As she passed on, the archangel Michael found her, and delivered the news that she could be returned as an Archangel. Quickly accepting the gracious offer, she returned with him to Heaven, and in a fiery explosion, her Angelic traits were recreated for her body. The only evidence of her sufferings was the faint shimmer of burn scars across her skin.

However, she only thrived as an Archangel for a short time, unable to forgive them for what they had done. She turned to Michael and defied is orders, leaving Heaven to live on Earth, away from the others. Understanding of her situation, he allowed the abandonment, and placed a protection over her, that she was not to be killed by another Angel. Though she was guarded by his word, she still remained as darkness in the eyes of Heaven, one she didn’t care to even deny.

As Amitiel left for Earth, she walked with her abilities once again, and a budding hope grew in her heart. She had been given a second chance, and perhaps her sister had as well, just away somewhere from her reach. Believing that out of all the energies and powers she felt on Earth, one was her sisters, Amitiel became a wandering Angel, staying in places only long enough to listen for word of her sister. Bravely she treks across the Earth now, still determined to find her before the Thousandth Year.
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lightofspring Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2016
Lady White Raven Wolf.. email me if possible. I'd love to chat with you about what you said you are and can do. I am going through same thing. LadyWhiteRavenWolf 
LadyWhiteRavenWolf Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Greetings Indigo-Eagle ~ Such an interesting pic and story you share here. I was on a mission to find out about Amitiel and everywhere the information was crap *( but what you have shared is amazing and i would wonder where your information comes from? Is this from a story series or Ancient Histories?
Indigo-Eagle Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The information I collected was quite limited, I'm sorry to report. I found the origin of a female "archangel" so to speak named Amitiel, the Angel of Truth. She was later paralleled to the Angel of Peace, but both were theorized to have been destroyed long ago. With this slice of information, I constructed the back history here, following the logic of Angelology. I hope that explains it!
LadyWhiteRavenWolf Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank You Indigo-Eagle for your reply. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I thought devientart would send me a message alert @ my hotmail that you had posted, but if they did I missed it.
Just curious here. How did you come upon the material of Amitiel? Were you searching for her or a being like her? Or was it happenstance?
You did a beautiful job filling in and I am very grateful to you for posting this dark angel material. For The Lady Amitiel ~ She does speak with me now. I think she has been for a long time but I was blind and deaf to knowing it was she. Then, one day on a search for answers to spiritual questions I happened upon your posting. And .. Well .. Now I hear and see amazingly, beautifully and darkly! I could probably already write a small book on things she has shared, but it is not time. She is not done with her story telling!
I don't know your personal beliefs, but you are a bird and so am I. That bonds us in flighted ways! I will be forever grateful for landing on you page and hold a spot in my heart for your sharing of Amitiel ~ Much Cosmic Love ~ The Lady White Raven Wolf
Indigo-Eagle Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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wow i didn't know you put her bio shit on here omf
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